Bao Babies' Concept

At Bao Babies, a proud subsidiary of The Little Tummy, Inc, we're dedicated to bringing joy to your dining experience through our charming character steamed bao buns. Crafted with care, each bao takes the form of beloved characters, transforming your meal into a whimsical feast. Embrace the spirit of easy party food ideas with our delightful creations. Our focus on quality means using all-natural, healthy ingredients, with low sugar, low oil, and plant-based food coloring – and absolutely no preservatives or additives. Our goal is to create unforgettable, guilt-free dining moments that cater to everyone's enjoyment.

What is “BAO” ?

Bao, or steamed buns, are beloved Chinese delights known for their soft texture and flavorful fillings. Popular worldwide, they come in savory and sweet variations, making them a cherished culinary experience for food enthusiasts everywhere. At Bao Babies, we've transformed them into adorable character bao buns, adding a delightful touch to your dining experience.

iTQi Superior Taste Award

Bao Babies has been bestowed with the prestigious Superior Taste Award by the International Taste Institute (iTQi). The outstanding flavors and quality of our delectable bao buns are now globally recognized, and we are deeply honored by this achievement!

100% Plant Based Color

Our visually stunning character bao buns feature vibrant, plant-based colors crafted from red yeast rice, gardenia, bamboo powder, and purple yam. You can enjoy these natural and sustainable options with confidence, knowing they are free from artificial additives or animal-derived colorants.