Heating Method - STEAM (Preferred Method)

Step 1

In a steamer pot, bring 2-3 cups
of water to boil.

Step 2

Transfer baos from container to steamer basket. Keep steamer paper under the frozen baos.

Step 3

Place steamer basket onto the steamer pot. Steam baos on low heat for 10 mins. (Insert a chopstick between the lid and pot to create a gap for venting.)

Step 4

Turn off the heat. Let steamed baos sit for 3 mins.


Keep your baos at their best by allowing proper venting. Leave a gap between the non-bamboo lid and steamer basket to avoid water drips that may affect the texture during thermal changes (soaked baos may contract and harden).

Heating Method - MICROWAVE

Step 1

Keep steamer paper under
frozen bao.

Step 2

Wrap bao with damp towel. Put on plate.

Step 3

Microwave on high for 30-
40 secs (per serving).


Baos' texture is not at its best when microwaved.